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Why was involved in the killing of Abhimanyu despite being so righteous?


If someone asks you how Abhimanyu was killed then you probably have two answers

First: Abhimanyu is surrounded by dozens of Maharashtrians of Kurwa army.

Second: – Subhadra sleeping while listening to the knowledge of breaking the cycle of perpetrating from Arjun, Abhimanyu could not hear the skill of breaking the maze in the womb of the mother and was caught stuck in the maze.

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But this is the right answer to this question. The strategy of the Kurus, under which Arjuna was deliberately taken away from the battlefield so that he could not reach the time to save his son. If Arjun was not far away from Abhimanyu then probably no Abhimanyu could be killed.

At present, the battlefield has been decorated. There is complete preparation to surround Abhimanyu (Modi).
The warriors of the Kauravas (Congress, SP, BSP, Mamta, Lalu, Wampanti, Aap, Owaisi and Pakistani) are gathering. Now, just under the last strategy, trying to get rid of Arjuna (breaking all the Hindus into the castes) is still in progress.

Today Arjuna is you, it is up to you that you want to leave Abhimanyu alone and repent after his death or stand by him and see that he is victorious.

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