Home Travel Tips News See here Gorakhpur Lok Sabha Election Results

See here Gorakhpur Lok Sabha Election Results

See here Gorakhpur Lok Sabha Election Results

See here Gorakhpur Lok Sabha Election Results

Bhojpuri film superstar Ravi Kishan, who is the BJP

candidate from Gorakhpur Sadar Lok Sabha seat from

Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, is leading in the initial

trends with around 65 thousand votes. Ram Bhaula

Nishad is behind SP-BSP alliance candidate Let’s say

that the exit poll results in the iniats

are absolutely accurate. The biggest test of this Lok

Sabha election is being done by SP-BSP coalition,

which was considered invincible till the election and

by mutual coordination, the big leaders of both the

parties stood a strong wall in front of the BJP.

Earlier this morning, BJP candidate Ravi Kishan

worshiped with his wife Preeti Shukla in Gorakhpur.

Speaking on the results, Ravi Kishan said that today

PM Modi-CM Yogi and BJP will have a huge victory.

Modi is going to become PM once again. How was

the election of Gorakhpur? On this question, Ravi

Kishan says that during all the elections, Chief Yogi

Shri Krishna and I were in the role of Arjun. The love

and blessings of the people of Gorakhpur will get me

back with loan of interest.

Gorakhpur Lok Sabha Election Results


Partymatan Huawat percentage of nominee name

BJP26345659.75% Ravindra Shyamnarayan Shukla

Urf Ravi Kishan forward SP15700035.60% Rambhual

NishadINC101862.31% Madhusudan

TripathiNOTA28760.65% NotaCPI27960.63% Dr.

Ashish Kumar SinghSBSP15840.36% Abhishek

ChandPSP (L) 9470.21% Shyamnarayan YadavSCP (I)

6600.15% Subhash Chandra DubeyJWD5380.12%

Jitendra KumarSHF4720.11% Awadhesh Kumar

SinghRPOI4420.10% Jay Prakash Mishra

For your information, let us keep in mind that on July

17, 1969, Ravi’s wife was born in Bisui, a small village

in Jaunpur. They have four children. Three daughters

(Reva, Tanishq, Vichita) and a son are competent. Ravi

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Kishan is known for his famous dialogue “Zindagi

Zandba … Nevertheless Ghumbanda”. In 2006, he was

also a finalist in Big Boss 1.

51 year old Bhojpuri star Ravi Kishan Shukla aka

Rabindra Shyam Narayan Shukla is fond of luxury

trains. During his nomination from Gorakhpur Sadar

seat, he has declared total movable and immovable

property in the name of his wife, about 21 crores.

While talking about the BJP’s most secure seats,

Gorakhpur is one of them. There have been 18 Lok

Sabha elections in this constituency till date, out of

which 8 has been encroachment of the Gorkhpeeth.

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