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SC rejects Nirbhaya convict’s plea day before hanging

SC rejects Nirbhaya convict's plea day before hanging
SC rejects Nirbhaya convict's plea day before hanging

the big breaking news coming in from the Supreme Court though unexpected lines the Supreme Court has dismissed a convict a pavan’s a curative a plea this is in the near hire case this is the fourth death row

convict Pavan Gupta who had also filed a curator petition before the Supreme Court either all the

various avenues that are available to those on death row and one by one each of them has used this and and of course the Supreme Court has dismissed it it was heard in the chambers of the judges as is the


practice and now this last curated petition has also been dismissed by the Supreme Court remember the death warrant that had been issued had said that all

four would hang her on the 3rd of March but right now we’ll have to wait and see whether this will lead to any sort of delay in the matter this is the 2012 nearby a

gang rape and murder case and I beg your pardon and remember each of the four convicts has used this avenue of filing a curative petition or curative plea before the Supreme Court that has actually led to

delays in the death warrant being carried out in the execution bingbing carrots already been delayed two times and the latest date was for the 3rd of March

we’ll have to wait and see what happens next but for the moment a Pavan Gupta the 4th a convict in the nearby a gang rape case had filed a curative petition and it was taken up by the bench of Justices NV ramana Arun Mishra RF Nariman are avenue

Punjab Assembly

matthean ashok Bhushan in the chambers and it has now been dismissed the Pavan is 25 years old and a death warrant was issued for his execution along with the three others on the 3rd of March and he filed a

curative plea through his lawyer ap Singh seeking settling a side of the Supreme Court’s earlier verdict on appeals and review petitions in the case now he is the last death row convict in the case to move the

Supreme Court with this their curative plea this is the final legal remedy available to a person are there’s been a lot of outrage over the fact that since the

execution and the death sentence of the four was pronounced there’s been such a delay in the matter but those who follow the legal process say these are the various avenues available to these two people on death row these are this is something provided to

them under the law and if if after the outrage over this particular matter perhaps there will be a case two to make sure that things do not get as delayed as they have as many point out in the nearby our case

perhaps that has been some a public sentiment on that regard as well remember we’ve been seeing those visuals of Nadia’s parents doing the rounds of the court getting disappointed each and every time however these legal remedies is something that is

provided to all those on death row in other countries as well it’s very similar to this remember in the near via case after all the outrage all four were arrested and in fact sentenced to death within a year so many consider that in itself a case in which the law had

moved quite fast in the in this matter but since then it has been a it’s been seven eight years now and still waiting for that a final word on the execution of the four men convicted in the Nevaeh gang rape and murder