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Plans Had To Be Altered For Seth Rollins On WWE Raw



Plans Had To Be Altered For Seth Rollins On WWE Raw

Seth Rollins solidified his heel turn on of WWE Raw by attacking Kevin Owens. For months, Authors of Pain ambushed Kevin that spilled rumors of a connection between them and Rollins.

The latter one continued to deny any connection with the tag group before the incidents unfolded on the flagship series, this week. A that may rule the red brand, moving ahead.

Meanwhile, reports are now available that initial strategies for Seth Rollins much different on WWE Raw, this week. He was scheduled to compete at a game on the series. However an accident barred him from wrestling on the show.

Thereby, he ended up on just appearing on the show to cut promos and publicly admitting his venture with AOP’s Akam and Rezar.

In accordance with Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Seth Rollins suffered an accident during his match against Erick Rowan at a WWE live event on Sunday. Apparently, he hurt his hand that forced to reschedule the script of WWE Raw. The match was scrapped along with the founders chose to form the heel faction, right away. Here is more from wwfoldschool.com,

“Former Universal Champion Seth Rollins was initially scheduled to confront Cedric Alexander with this week’s RAW. But, Rollins broke his little finger in a suit against Erick Rowan in a WWE Live Event at Augusta, Georgia on Sunday, so the strategy for him to wrestle on RAW got canceled.”

But the show hosted in the Bon Secours Wellness Arena in Greenville, South Carolina revealed something more significant for the WWE audience.

Previous reports indicated that WWE TLC could have Seth Rollins vs. Kevin Owens on WWE Raw. But to date, we have not learned any confirmations about the match.

Most importantly, Owens was taken to a local medical facility following the Stomp on the cement floor by Rollins. So we expect to find out an upgrade on Owens’ standing on the TLC PPV, itself. If the match does end up happening then it will occur in an impromptu capacity.