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Oppo Find X2 Pro Hands-on: Power and comfort in

OPPO Find X2 Pro Hands-on: Power
OPPO Find X2 Pro Hands-on: Power

Oppo Find X2 Pro 

OPPO Find X2 Pro Hands-on: Power and comfort in a single packag

what’s up guys i’m kim Bhd here and turns out it’s phone season or there’s just a lot of phones coming

out right now welcome to your first look at another phone that may be a bit under your radar may

because of how many phones they’ve come out with lately but this one should be so this is the find x2 Pro so I’ve had this phone for about a week now

and I’ve been very impressed with it and it’s also you might have remembered the last video was the s20

ultra review this phone has two big advantages that is focusing on that are one upping that Galaxy S 20 ultra also this is sponsored by Oppo so this is a

OPPO Find X2 Pro Hands-on: Power
OPPO Find X2 Pro Hands-on: Power

highlight video not a review but there’s some cool stuff to show so let’s just dive right into it so the

design is pretty classic for a big smartphone a big modern phone in 2020 stop me if you’ve seen this

before big shiny glass and ceramic sandwich huge display with thin bezels the main speaker and USB type-c at the bottom no headphone jack and then

there’s the sham furred edges the antenna bands around the outside the hole punch display up top two in the corner you know it’s looking pretty familiar but it

does have this like micro texture in the glass it’s it’s barely etched in there and you can feel it it doesn’t

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make it less slippery but you can feel the difference versus just smooth glass and you can kind of see it if you hold the phone at the right angle and it hits the

light looks like ridges of a fingerprint I don’t know I kind of like it in terms of specs inside snapdragon 865 check 12 gigs of ram and half a terabyte of ufs 3.0

storage check check the battery is 4260 milliamp hours so a solid size but not the biggest and you have the optical fingerprint reader underneath the display

glass that seems to work about as well as any other I’ve seen from oneplus for example and then I was gonna be perfectly honest I’ve never really been a

huge fan of opposed software but this newest version of color OS 7.1 it’s been one of the most interesting and impressive new parts of the phone in it it’s

OPPO Find X2 Pro Hands-on: Power
OPPO Find X2 Pro Hands-on: Power

cleaned up a lot and they’re they’re proud of how much cleaner it is it’s more customizable to be set up the way you like and they’ve included a couple more

things like stock Google Apps and the stock Google keyboard is the default and some of the the Oppo

stuff still appears alongside the Google version in the app drawer but you can disable one or the other or

just stick with the Google version which is what I’m gonna do there’s also a multi-user mode which is

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something I’ve wanted in more phones and especially tablets over the years that is smart and there’s a dark mode as well and there’s also this little side bar over

here that you can keep a bunch of shortcuts in kind of like what we’ve seen on Samsung phones by default the screen recording is in here for a 1080p screen

recording and then I’ve just set up my tasks app and my weather app for quick access or you might put

your messenger or tick-tock I don’t know I’m not here to judge whatever you want you can put it in that

sidebar over there that’s up to you and then you can also pin apps in the RAM so you just hit the lock

button up here in the multitasker so again I’ve locked the tasks app in my RAM and it’ll never leave and I

OPPO Find X2 Pro Hands-on: Power
OPPO Find X2 Pro Hands-on: Power

open it constantly and it doesn’t have to reload and this might be useful for some people with bigger apps

or games that you play like all the time that you don’t want to stop running you just want them to keep them

loaded in the RAM that’s the advantage of having 12 gigs of ram so that’s a lot of good stuff already but the

two main focuses with this phone are the display and the cameras I’m gonna start with the screen so this is

a six point seven inch 1440p quad HD 120 Hertz AMOLED display and yes it’s all of those things at the

same time see you can see it right here in the settings if you were like me you were wondering why the s20

ultra didn’t have that was it a Snapdragon a 65 limitation no this one has a Snapdragon a 65 and it enables that and it’s beautiful you have your

independent selections for the refresh rate and resolution now to be fair 120 Hertz at 1080p as we’ve

seen looks pretty much fine and you can turn on actually auto select resolutions so it’ll toggle up or

down for you based on saving battery and that’s something you might want to do maybe if it was a

5000 or 6000 million hour battery I’d leave it on full resolution high-speed all the time but 4260 isn’t

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exactly maxing it out so you might want to turn this off from time to time but let me know if you’d be

interested in a full review of this phone I think if I’m Dale eing this thing that’s like the number one concern is how long does the battery if you just max it out now

there’s also the color calibration and a bunch of different modes that let you customize things like color temperature on a slider or you can turn on

natural tone or nature tone display which is basically true tone it changes the color temperature based on

the ambient light around you the only thing I didn’t really like is it still has the curved edges as you can see and they are quite curved like Samsung’s done in

the past to the point where you can see some of the content like bleeding over the sides very dramatically that tends to give you more accidental presses as we

know but this phone still wants to keep that near bezel islook so yeah the display is a big point on this phone the other is the cameras so this is the ultra vision

camera system on the back and that is a big camera bump so around the back here you’re looking at a forty eight megapixel main camera a forty eight

megapixel ultra wide and a 13 megapixel 5x periscope telephoto camera and this camera bump as you can

see it’s gigantic yes the rest of the phone is pretty trim actually but the double bump on the back being all the way over to one side means it’ll for sure rock on a

table without a case but they’re hoping that what they can get out of these cameras will justify it and any literature on this phone or their presentations will

pretty much all suggest yeah the camera is the most important feature of this phone so I have a limited

experience with it so far but I’ve shot with it for a bit and I can show you what I found basically I’ve been really happy with two things sharpness and color and

you don’t hear me say color very often when talking about smart phone cameras but this camera for

whatever reason just nails white balance often and then tones and hues and skin tones and in general color is very accurate which is great dynamic range

isn’t as good even when I turn HDR on you know in more extreme dynamic range situations you’re more likely to lose sky or lose your shadows and exposure isn’t as consistent as I’ve wanted it’s also a big

primary sensor again so it’ll suffer from some of the same big sensor big aperture problems we saw on the s20 ultra but on any other further away subjects the

OPPO Find X2 Pro Hands-on: Power
OPPO Find X2 Pro Hands-on: Power

natural blur is solid it’s generally a high quality fast camera yeah I was I was also really impressed with how well the night mode worked as well I took some

low-light photos and they speak here for themselves night modes have gotten really good in smartphones in the past two years and then it will let you go up to

60 X zoom with the periscope zoom here so now you know the number I don’t recommend zooming in all the way but there you have it’s just a slightly short of the hundred X and one other spec that it falls slightly

short of the s20 Ultra is 8k video it doesn’t do 8k video but what it will do is max out at 4k 60 from any of the cameras and just looking at the video I’m again super

happy with the colors I mean somebody get the image processing team a topo and give them a pat on the back for this one because that is some really solid accurate color and a lot of places where many

smartphone cameras have had trouble for me so that’s basically it a phone you might not expect to hear much about is actually making waves and some of the things people care most about which are

camera and screen and for me also software plus there’s a bunch of other little things the ceramic

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material is nice the 65 watt super VOC fast charging it’s at the expense of not having wireless charging but we’ve seen this before smartphone makers like

oneplus like doubling down on the super fast charging that they really believe in and the haptic engine on this phone is also excellent it’s hard to show through

but the spec on paper is it has the largest x-axis motor in any Android phone and I can tell so there you go a

lot of really solid first impressions on the find x2 Pro and it sort of brought me to this maybe it’s a

realization or maybe we’ve kind of known this already but that overkill specs are like the new norm and a lot

of these high-end smartphones now and it’s just what we can come to expect but let me know if you’d be

interested in a full review of this darkhorse phone also the merch is finally back so if you want to go to shop mkbhd calm all of it is currently available and that’s

pretty much it thanks for watching catch you guys very soon in the next one March is gonna start to run

as well February had a lot March it’s still all happening see you guys later peace