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mindful eating weight loss storiesLose Weight With Mindful Eating

Lose Weight With Mindful Eating
Lose Weight With Mindful Eating

The grapefruit diet. Skipping meals. Low-carb eating Meal replacements Slashing calories

If you are struggling to lose some of these options, And if you’re like many people, you might have had some initial success, but then you hit a plateau or fall off the wagon and gain the weight back again.

The problem with restricted diet plans like these are they are usually lacking in variety, taste, quantity, or all three, and thus difficult to stick to any length of time They’re simply not pleasurable

And according to Marc David, author of The Slow Down Diet, It’s the pleasure we’re missing out on eating

David, a nutritionist with a master’s degree in the psychology of eating, believes that a sluggish metabolism is the main issue of obese weight loss issues for the underlying culprit, especially those instances when we have everything right (exercising, calories counting , watching our sugar intake etc.), but just can not seem to lose those last 20 pounds.

But the most interesting thing about David’s weight loss plan is that it does not include any of those so-called ‘right’ things to do.

Instead, he teaches his readers and clients that rediscovering the pleasure in eating our transform with our relationship with food and greatly enhance our metabolism so that any excess weight is off effortlessly. It will also increase energy levels, boost digestion, and improve our overall health and well-being

Bringing Pleasure Back

So just do not we?

Well, for starters, we need to eat mindfully

So many of us rush through our meals unconsciously, multitasking as we reply to emails, feed the baby, and stuff a bagel in our mouths. Lunch is skipped altogether, or thoughtlessly consumed while we work at our desks. We can finish a full dinner only. And then of course the cravings set in But we’re full Are not we?

David suggests that when we rush through our meals mindlessly, filling ourselves with low quality, tasteless ingredients and processed concoctions, we miss out on one of the most important aspects of why we eat in the first place – enjoyment.

We do not just eat to live, though that’s how many of us have become; We are the creatures of our senses, and we are proud of them. When the pleasure is absent – whether it is rushing, being stressed, feeling guilty, eating low quality ingredients, or simply not paying attention – our bodies and minds are not satisfied, even if we have eaten enough calories and nutrients.

By slowing, relaxing and paying attention to the tastes, aromas, sights and textures of our food, two important things can occur: first, we may feel we are not eating; and second, we give ourselves a chance to enjoy the full, and surprise surprise – we feel satisfied

When we give ourselves permission to get pleasure from eating, our minds, souls and our bodies feel satisfied When our pleasure needs to be satisfied, we do not feel that unceasing hunger for more.

And, what’s more, David’s findings and research shows that we take the slow down, relax and enjoy really enhance our metabolism, and we have more fat and excess calories.

Mindful Eating Tips

So next time you sit down for dinner (if you sit down!), Try these simple tips to bring the pleasure back to eat:

relax – try some breathing exercises before and during the meal; make the best quality foods you can afford; eat without distractions – no tv, social media, reading, etc.; deliberately and mindfully slow down – chew and swallow every mouthful before you put your attention on the tastes, aromas, sights and textures of your food – savor every mouthful thoroughly. dialogue, and replace guilt, shame or fear


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