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Malaika Arora sets fitness goals with her hot yoga poses

Malaika Arora sets fitness goals with her hot yoga poses

There is no doubt in the fact that the model turned actress Malaika Arora has one of the hottest bodies in Bollywood. With her toned


body, she gives fitness goals to her fans. The secret behind his sublay figure is yoga and today, we are going to show some yoga poses by Malaika that keep her toned.


Here are some of the hot yoga poses by Malaika.

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Malaika’s Instagram has some of the best yoga poses that inspire fitness enthusiasts. The actress does pilates and gym workouts, but yoga is her favorite and she feels that heals one’s body and mind.


This position of yoga is called sunnyamaskar and this asana detoxifies the full body. Suryanamaskar is Malaika’s complete workout package and now, we know the reason behind her glowing skin.

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Malaika loves practice She once said that yoga has immense benefits and increases strength and flexibility.

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This yoga position is called Padmasana and this is Malaika’s favorite. Talking about this position, Malaika once said, “This asana signifies balance between the mind, body,

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and soul by nurturing your whole self. It stimulates the flow of energy into the body. When used, it will be your ability to concentrate in other situations off the mat. “


Malaika does a handstand like a pro Yoga has become a daily routine for Malaika and that’s why she is one of the fittest moms in the tinsel town.


What do you think about Malaika’s yoga poses?

मलाईका .रोरा अपने गर्म योग के साथ फिटनेस लक्ष्यों को सेट करता है ?


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