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Maharashtra After Corona, it just happened Barsa Kahar karona

Barsa Kahar karona ka
Barsa Kahar karona ka

After Corona, it just happened in Maharashtra, people see it Barsa Kahar karona ka

No casualties were reported in this incident. Passengers from the derailed Bogi were brought to Nagpur by bus. Here they were served breakfast.

Concerned officials have been involved in the investigation of whose accident happened. Train traffic was interrupted for some delay due to the signal being down on the downline after the accident. After bringing the train back on track, the movement of the train started on that track.

A major rail accident in Nagpur, Maharashtra was postponed on Wednesday morning. A train derailed at Butibori in Nagpur. The incident took place around 10:00 am. A bogie of the Hyderabad Raxaul train derailed. The incident occurred near the downline signal.

Corona virus has reached these areas of India, quickly see if your area is there too!

Corona virus is spreading rapidly in India, according to the Ministry of Health, 126 patients have been confirmed in India so far. At the same time, three people have died of corona virus. Lalkila, Rajghat, and Qutub Minar have been closed in Delhi in view of the danger of the Corona virus rising. Corona virus has reached many areas of India, let us know in which area more cases have been reported.

Corona virus reaches these areas

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There have been cases of Delhi, Gurgaon, Jaipur, Agra and Telangana in India. Talk about the highest number of cases, 39 cases have been reported in Maharashtra while there are 24 infected cases in Kerala. In India, 13 patients have gone home recovering from Corona. After this, 15 cases have been reported in Haryana and 7 cases have been reported in Delhi.

Three deaths have occurred so far

Recently, a 64-year-old patient died of corona virus in Maharashtra. The woman had died before this. So far 3 deaths have occurred in India due to corona virus. The number of its patients is increasing rapidly.

Corona virus spread in 15 states so far

Corona virus cases Andhra Pradesh 1, Delhi 7, Haryana 15, Karnataka 8, Kerala 24, Maharashtra 39, Odisha 1, Punjab 1, Rajastha 4, Tamil Nadu 1, Telangana 4, Jammu and Kashmir 3, Ladakh K 4, Uttar Pradesh 13, A case has come out from Uttarakhand. A total of 128 cases have been reported so far.

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