Home Business Second season of Lost in Space premieres December 24th

Second season of Lost in Space premieres December 24th


Second season of Lost in Space premieres December 24th

Lost in Space Season 2 2019 Hindi 

Netflix is finally ready to continue Lost in Space. The streaming behemoth has revealed that the second season of its family sci-fi saga will arrive on December 24th — conveniently, just in time for some fans’ holiday viewing marathons. There’s also a matching teaser trailer, and it’s evident that the Robinsons have a lot to deal with beyond the series’ namesake dilemma.

It’s clear from the outset that the Robinsons (particularly Will) are determined to find Robot, but that’s really just one of the challenges. Not everything is straightforward as they seek to rejoin the other colonists, especially not as they grapple with the cunning Dr. Smith and charismatic Don West. There’s also a new wrinkle this time in the form of Ben Adler, an academic peer to Maureen who shares more of a bond with Will.

There’s a lot riding on the new season. The initial season racked up 6.3 million US viewers in its first three days, and it was the centerpiece of Netflix’s library for months. The follow-up has to both cater to loyal fans and compete for new viewers with an increasingly packed lineup that includes heavyweight movies in addition to the usual crop of episodic material.

The second season of “Lost in Space launches on Netflix today (Dec24) to share new adventures with the castaway Space Family Robinson. The first season introduced viewers to the Robinson family, a tight-knit five-person clan that troubleshoot the many problems of an interstellar voyage gone wrong.