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Jharkhand में मिला EVM के खाली बक्सों से


Jharkhand में मिला EVM के खाली बक्सों से भरा ट्रक, विरोधी दलों ने जमकर किया हंगामा

Symbolic Photos (Photo Source: Indian Express)
 Lok Sabha Election 2019: A truck filled with dozens of empty boxes of EVM at around 10 am on Tuesday in Devgarh, Jharkhand.  It is being told that the truck is found near Baijnathpur Chowk.  As soon as the EVMs empty box got information, the leaders of the area reached the spot.  At the same time, in view of the opposition of political parties, civil SDO Vishal Sagar, District Deputy Election Officer Praveen Prakash and SDPO Vikas Chandra Shrivastava reached the spot.  Let us know that after the election is over, people are getting confused with empty EVM boxes in such a huge amount.
 A clerk who was riding on the truck: According to reports, the clerk of Sarva zonal office in the truck was aboard with Devendra Murmu Driver.  He said that the office of District Election Officer cum DC Deoghar has ordered him to transport this box to Dumka.  He also showed a letter in which the orders were given.  Explain that this letter was written on 20.05.2019.  The clerk also told that after election EVMs should be kept in these empty boxes.  This is the reason why it is being taken to Dumka.
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 The box was shown against the opposition: It is being said that a dozen boxes were shown open to protest against opposition parties.  After looking at only a dozen boxes, the civil SDO sent the truck to Dumka.
 Former Speaker’s charge of administration: Former Speaker of the Jharkhand Assembly, Shashank Shekhar Bhokar, has accused the administration of misusing his position while making allegations of administration.  He said that taking such a blank box into the truck after the election is suspicious.  He said that the police should have been taken to the truck station and should have left the truck right after the investigation.  .  He has also accused the police of working in favor of NDA.


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