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Images that challenge the censorship


Images that challenge the censorship

A film poster released this morning titled Wife and Eye in English is captivating to see that the caption is also an Illegal Entertainer. The original Wifa, I mean I am my wife in Telugu. But the poster look is pretty damn good. In addition, the poster taken by the two men on the top was designed to impress the youth. In addition to this is a caption titled Illegal Entertainer, the poster is cut to suit the heroine’s romance scene. Similar films have been released in the past. The latest example of this is the recently released seven-arc story, in which a poster trailer is designed to make youth more engaging and exciting.

In the trailer, the spice is added in a large amount and it is a direct look like a porn movie. These types of films have been coming up recently. It is now known to the audience that all these films are being targeted by the directors.

Ever want to educate people with such images. Some people think what message to give to the members of the society. The reason for such films is the current trend in the industry. Exploring the heroine-like character character in the upcoming movies of Chinna. Cinema analysts feel that the short filmmakers are taking a step further as the heroes are commenting on the dualistic dialogue. This is mainly due to the lack of proper rules and regulations in cinema. The Film Chamber of Commerce and the Board of Producers appear to be the main drawback in providing proper guidance.

Many times the Chamber brought this to the attention of the Chamber but no action was taken. There was no reason for this. This is due to the lack of access to the sensorboard and sometimes the management of the censor board.