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Hina Khan Almost Became The New DC Universe Girl!


Hina Khan

Kasturi Zindagi Ki 2 Actress was surprised to put Hina Khan on her name for STARGIRL. Now, before you think that Diva is on her way to Hollywood, it is not so. Therefore, the actress was tagged incorrectly on the post by CAPE’s official Twitter page. And Ms. Khan did not consider this as bad, as she tweeted, “the wrong tag but in some way, it does not look wrong” https://t.co/vAzZ1QmMoX “.

Well, the error has been corrected in a while but it seems that Hina wanted to highlight it. However, the tweet has been deleted, we have screenshots right here for you:

Hina Khan Almost Became The New DC Universe Girl!

On the return of Hina Khan, we believe that it came as a pleasant surprise for the actress. Ms. Khan cannot make her debut in Hollywood any time soon, but her looks are on Bollywood. The actress will appear in the film of Vikram Bhatt as the editor of a fashion magazine.

Hina Khan

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Spotboy.com was the first to break the story of his exit from the criterion of life 2. “It’s a break and I can come back to the show or not”, its words were. Soon, the news came to light that a new face essay would be brought to the Comolica, but we told you that there would be no place for Hina Khan, instead, a new villain will be present at the show. Even in one video, Ekta Kapoor said that there is only one complied and no one can ever take her place.

Hina khan twitter

Let’s see if the actress decides to return to the show or focus only on making her career in films.

Hina Khan

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