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Daylight Saving Times [ 2018: When do you adjust your clocks? why do we have daylight savings time

Daylight Saving
Daylight Saving

But do not make a common mistake: Turning that extra hour of sleep, but first, the basics.

When does Daylight Saving Time officially end

November 4 at 2 a.m., most of the country will move from daylight saving time (DST) to Standard Time (ST).
Does this happen everywhere in the country?

No. If you live in Hawaii, Guam, Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands, American Samoa and most of Arizona, your clocks will stay the same. For the rest of you – enjoy your bonus hour.
Why do I feel out of whack?

Janet Kennedy, PhD., Clinical Psychologist and founder of NYC Sleep Doctor, says the best strategy is to turn the new time right away – stick to the clock.

Some people get an hour feels like 7 a.m. Regardless, stick to your usual schedule and do not go to bed early the following night. Avoid napping and excess caffeine, which can make it harder to fall asleep at the ‘right’ time, “Kennedy said.” It can take a week to be fully adjusted, so do not be alarmed. . “

Daylight Saving Time is just an hour. Can you get that much?

SPRING is well and truly here and with it comes daylight saving time for Victoria, NSW, ACT, South Australia and Tasmania.

At precisely 2am on Sunday 7 October 2018, clocks moved forward one hour, allowing residents to enjoy more time in the sun over the spring and summer months.

Six months later — not a minute more or less — it will be time to wind the clock back again.

At 2am on Sunday 7 April 2019, residents in areas affected by daylight saving time will adjust their clocks by one hour — turning them back to reset to ACST.

QLD still remains in a debate over whether or not they will adopt daylight savings time.

how does daylight savings work

  • An opinion poll in the Courier Mail indicated 55 per cent of Queensland residents were in favour of the annual time adjustment.

However, Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk ruled it out, claiming support for daylight saving was not strong enough to justify the switch.


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