Home News Cows with or without horns? Swiss to vote on Sunday

Cows with or without horns? Swiss to vote on Sunday

Cows with or without horns? Swiss to vote on Sunday

Switzerland vote this Sunday on an issue of national importance that has divided the alpine country – whether to subsidize farmers who are their cows and goats’ horns grow naturally.cows with guns chords
The referendum on protecting the ‘dignity of livestock’ was initiated by farmer Armin Capaul, 66, a self-described rebel. He says that ‘listening’ to his cows inspired his nineyear campaign for cash to feed the horned animals. “We must respect cows as they are
Leave them their horns When you look at them, they are always proud When you remove the horns, they are sad, “he told Reuters on his small farm in north-west Switzerland.
Three-quarters of Swiss cows, who are a national symbol and tourist attraction, are dehorned or genetically hornless. Capaul, who says horns help cows, communicates and regulates their body temperature, wants a 190 Swiss franc ($ 191.65) annual subsidy per horned animal for farmers When political lobbying failed, he collected over 100,000 signatures to trigger a national vote.
The latest poll says His campaign is likely to help support those who oppose dehorning – burning a sedated calf’s horn buds with a red-hot iron. Critics say it is painful and unnatural, but it is a security issue.
“In Switzerland, cows have never been talked about as much as now,” said Capaul, a unique figure with a long gray beard and hand-knitted red hat, whose alternative approach has made him a media star and a household name. His campaign is opposed by the government, which says it will drain 30cows with guns song free download million francs from its 3 billion franc annual agricultural budget, and is a burden on the constitution.cows with guns lyrics
Our current system in the stable has advantages, the cows get better with each other. If cows have horns, the danger of injuries to animals and humans is greater, “said Stefan Gilgen, whose 48 cows provide 1,000 liters of milk daily to Swiss dairy Emmi AG.cows with guns meaning
“Every farm should decide for itself. We have other problems in agriculture. “In Vaud Canton, Reuters watched veterinarian Jean-Marie Surer dehorn three calves, anesthetising every one before the procedure that causes smoke and a burning odor.cows with guns original song
“Using a very hot iron for seven seconds, I burned the skin and blood vessels which irrigate the horn bud, so it will grow,” Surer said as he applied disinfectant. “It is painless, they did not even move an ear.”
By Stephanie Nebehay
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