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Coronaviruswoman opened this big secret, she used to say


On returning from China, this woman opened this big secret, she used to say

Amidst the havoc of the Corona virus, a video of the Hebei region of China is going viral. Actually, this video is about a woman who is a health worker and returned home after about a month due to work pressure. As soon as the child sees his mother, he goes into the crowd and hugs her. The child catches the mother and cries sobbing.

Seeing the baby crying and upset, the mother hugs the child and starts crying. The child’s mother informed the media that she works as a health worker in a hospital in Hebei area of ​​China and remained in the hospital continuously due to overwork for the last 29 days.

During this time, he did not get the chance to go home even once. 1.7 k people have watched this video so far. A user commented on this video and wrote that the child is your mother, a hero.

Coronavirus disease, COVID-19) has caused a lot of panic in the country and abroad. Many schools, malls were closed for a fixed time. There are some offices where employees have been instructed to do work from home.

The Health Department has also issued guidelines regarding home quarantine. But in this chaos in the whole world, there is only one health department which is fully involved.

Health department employees are doing more duty than scheduled. Italy and China where corona virus outbreak is highest, there are some doctors and nurses like this.

Where 24 hours duty has to be done all day and night. In such a situation, people are staying in the hospital for many days because they are not getting the time to go home.

The situation is that the incidents of crows dying due to swine flu are coming out. Although the animal husbandry department is currently refusing cases of swine flu, its Animal Health and Production Institute is admitting the death of pigs from swine fever.

Now this virus has knocked among the Corona virus, knowing the sweat of the people left

According to the information received, samples of crows sent to the lab of Kolkata were examined twice and both times they have confirmed death from bird flu.

In the last two months, after the sudden death of crows and pigs in several areas including the capital, their samples were sent for investigation. Bird flu disease has been confirmed in the investigation report of the death of the crow on February 15 in Lohianagar locality of the capital.

After the sudden crows death near the house of B-26 BD Singh, two samples were sent from there for investigation. Both times this disease i.e. avian influenza (bird flu) was confirmed.

Similarly, in some areas of Patna City and Bhagalpur, swine fever disease is being said behind the death of pigs. According to the institute’s Veterinary doctors, swine fever is also harmful like swine flu.

After getting the information, a team of Bhagalpur Veterinary doctors was sent and the samples there were sent to Kolkata for investigation. No investigation report has been received so far.

At the same time, according to Dr. Umesh Kumar, director of the institute, protective measures have been taken after the confirmation of the case. Sanitization of that area was done.

By the way, the entire affected area has been kept under surveillance. All samples have been taken from meat-chicken shops operating in the area. Said that there is no such thing as panic. We are cautious.

Amidst the panic of Corona virus, now the knock of bird flu and swine flu in Bihar has caused a stir among the people. In such a situation, vigilance has been increased in view of the prevention of bird flu and swine flu. More recently, a sample has been tested after the bird flu was confirmed.