Home Health Big news: all types of trains stopped operating till 31 March

Big news: all types of trains stopped operating till 31 March

Big news: all types of trains stopped operating till 31 March
Big news: all types of trains stopped operating till 31 March

Big news: all types of trains stopped operating till 31 March

New Delhi: Janata curfew started across the country from 7 am on Sunday. PM Narendra Modi has appealed to the countrymen not to leave the house

between 7 am and 9 pm. On Sunday morning, he retweeted all citizens to be part of the nationwide campaign and make the fight against Corona a

success. Here, till March 31, all types of trains will be closed. Railway will make its official announcement soon. It is feared that the epidemic will be greatly

increased due to the way people are returning to the village after crossing each other for the last 2-3 days. It has to be stopped.

Here, Archbishop George Anthony Swamy of Madras-Mylapur appealed to the people not to come to the church, to pray through YouTube.

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath is in Gorakhpur, he is directing officers from here. At 5 in the evening, Gorakhdham will raise the spirits by

playing the bell from the temple. Yogi has said that with restraint, alertness, awareness make the fight against the epidemic successful. Corona will lose –

India will win. 27 cases of coronavirus have been reported in the state. 11 of these have been cured. We have to be ready for curfew even further.

Metro rail, roadways buses and city transport services are completely closed in Uttar Pradesh from 6 am to

10 pm during the Janata curfew. Petrol pumps will also be closed from 7 am to 9 pm. However, people connected with emergency services will be exempted from paying fuel. Shops are closed at Hazratganj and

Gomti Nagar in capital Lucknow. Police is deployed at 57 major intersections of the capital. Police is giving

necessary instructions related to corona to people everywhere. Varanasi, Meerut and Agra also have a silent silence on the roads.

3700 trains will not run across the country. 40% of all GoAir and IndiGo flights canceled. All shopping malls will be closed, shops will not be opened. Religious sites will also be closed, there will be no Sunday Prayer in the Church of Goa.

The whole world will be destroyed on the 29th Big trouble due to ‘corona

The conditions in cities like Srinagar and Bengaluru during Janata curfew will be the same as the curfew. Such statements have also come out from the

administration. Due to the history of violent incidents in Kashmir, it has been decided to impose restrictions. The Bengaluru Police has warned to take action

without needlessly leaving the house. However, Delhi Police has said that we will not take strict action against anyone, nor impose any penalty.

Kashmir Inspector General of Police Vijay Kumar said that the Janata curfew has been appealed, but

restrictions will be imposed in Kashmir due to the influx of people and mobilization of more people at one place. Extra police force will be deployed to implement these restrictions strictly. We are

appealing to the people for cooperation. Kumar said – even though it has been curfew, the history of Kashmir has been such that without the deployment of police or security forces, we do not implement the restrictions.

Delhi Police said that there was no official announcement on Sunday to impose strictness or penalty for enforcing the Janata curfew. These kinds

of things are completely rumored. In a message going viral on social media, Delhi Police was quoted saying that if a person found wandering in Delhi on Sunday

without any major reason, opening a shop, he will be fined Rs 11,000. Delhi Police has termed this message as fake.

In the Shaheen Bagh, there is a strike going on among all this One faction of Shaheen Bagh says that they

will support the PMModiki campaign in fighting the corona virus, while another faction says that we will stand on the road, whatever happens.

Due to this, there was a fight between the two groups on Saturday. However, the two groups later understood and extinguished the matter.

Earlier, Delhi Police had a meeting with Shaheenbagh protesters at India Islamic Center on Saturday. Here the Delhi Police had appealed to the people to end the

protest in view of the increasing spread of Corona virus. Several senior officers of Delhi Police, including DCSouth East were also present in this meeting. But the strike continues even today.

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