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Bengaluru property tax – American woman


Bengaluru: The Income Tax Department which caught an auto driver in possession of property worth over one crore, has found that he was really a benefactor of an American’s generosity.
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Auto-driver Subramani came under the I-T department’s radar after he bought a villa in a gated community in Bengaluru’s Whitefield. Subramani’s purchase raised suspicion that he was used as a wealthy tax evaders
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During the course of questioning, Subramani claimed that he was the recipient of an American woman’s generosity.

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The I-T department said that they have recorded the statement of women and also related to those transactions.

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Reports suggest that the sources in the I-T department have identified 72-year-old Lara Evison as the person who had given him money.

Subramani and Evison met in 2005 when he helped her during her stay in Bengaluru.

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Evison has not only helped him with the money for the villa, but she is also helping him with her children’s education-related expenses, as per reports.

The Income Tax Department had sent the notice to the villa’s builder for details about Subramani’s purchase

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As the issue came to light, and Subramani came under the scrutiny of media speculated that Subramani was close to BJP MLA Arvind Limbali, who denied any involvement in the issue.

Subramani, aged 37, had come under the scanner of the I-T department for owing assets massively disproportionate to his known sources of income.

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His villain Bengaluru’s Whitefield, worth Rs 1.6 crore, was raided by the I-T sleuths and jewelry, cash and property documents amounting to crore recovered.


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