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Belgium’s US F-35 Fighter Purchase Put on Hold After PM’s Resignation – Source

Belgium's US F-35 Fighter Purchase Put on Hold After PM's Resignation - Source

BRUSSELS (Sputnik) – Belgium’s purchase of US-made F-35 fighter jets for the purposes of re-equipping its air force will be put on hold as a result of the Prime Minister’s
Belgium’s US F-35 
recent resignation, a diplomatic source in Brussels said Sputnik on Friday .
“Although the choice was officially made in F-35s, talks with its manufacturer, US group Lockheed Martin, has to follow. In fact, the provisional government is not charged to do this. extent, “the source said.
Fighter Purchase Put

Earlier in the day, Belgian King Philippe accepted the resignation of Prime Minister Charles Michel after he lost a no-confidence vote. He was left in a minority government after the New Flemish Alliance quit the ruling coalition on December 11 because of Michel’s approval of the divisive UN compact on migration.
on Hold After PM’s

The Belgian government is currently charging its duties despite the resignation, and its activity is currently limited to daily proceedings and emergencies.

On October 25, Michel officially announced that Brussels would buy US F-35 Lightning II fighters, which are capable of carrying nuclear weapons. As of October, Lockheed Martin and UK-based BAE Systems are the only two participants of the tender for the re-equipment of the Belgian air


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